Grab 'n' Go -Big Buddy Little Buddy

Grab 'n' Go -Big Buddy Little Buddy

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Yes, that's right, the quixotic and exciting Brian winemaking outfit have been making wines in Oregon since 2017. The Tasmanian wines Rizza, 3Pinots’and Gris are mirrored in Oregon, using almost identical winemaking approaches...Here you get a little from column A, a little from column B.


2018 Brian Oregon 3Pinots

Brian primarily source from and produce at Keeler Estate Vineyard - Eola-Amity Hills - which is certified Organic, Biodynamic, LIVE certified and Salmon safe certified. It's a remarkable vineyard, unsprayed with anything for over a decade, and dry grown. All wines are zero additions. Good times. 

Brian Oregon 3Pinots is 50% pinot noir, 25% pinot gris and 25% pinot blanc. It is gently fermented on skins for around two weeks, pressed off, sent to old barrels and left alone. It's a pale, light red, so very bright and refreshing, all cherry juice and cranberry tang with gentle herb n spice stuff going on. It's a tight, thirst-quenching red with lots of 'finesse'. Oh yes. Superb stuff. 

2019 Brian 3Pinots

Joe Holyman, Peter Dredge and Mike Bennie have teamed up again and delivered (if we do say so ourselves)! Co-ferment of pinot noir, pinot meunier and pinot gris in relatively equal portions. Basket pressed off and left in old large barrels on lees, bottled with no filtering or fining and no additions whatsoever. Really cloudy light red that's plush, gluggable, fruity and fresh. Definitely drink cold, and definitely buy two - you won't want to stop!

2018 Brian Oregon Gris

Gris from this site is left on skins for three and a half months. Yep. It's a seriously complex wine, more like a fuller flavoured rose or light red in style, but with incredible freshness and tart-tangy acidity, lots of 'minerally feel' and a whole lot of pretty perfume. Tannins do a good job of making the wine feel puckering and tight too. Sheesh, so much going on. So delicious. Reminiscent of great wines from Friuli, you could say, but wholly in the Brian way. 

2019 Brian Gris

The tag team of Bennie, Dredge and Holyman bring you a pinot gris, on skins for about four weeks, whole bunch and carbonic. Basket pressed off and sent to old large oak barrels, left on lees, racked off and sent to bottle. No fining, no filtering, no adds. It's more a cloudy rosé/orange wine, purple hue, loads of tannin and texture. Gorgeous mouthfeel. Dangerously moreish. 

2018 Brian Oregon Rizza

Rizza is riesling that is foot-stomped, fermented on its skins for a couple of days then pressed off to large, old barrels and left on lees - there is no topping up of the barrels and the wine develops a flor (yeast layer) as oxygen interacts with the wine. It is an homage to Jura wines - the Brian Rizza is nutty, savoury, a little fino sherry-like, bristling with crisp acidity, shows cloudy apple juice-like freshness and generally just amazing. So delicious, so refreshing, so much going on. 

2019 Brian Rizza

Riesling that almost drinks like Jura. Oxidatively handled, sent to old, large oak barrels, left on lees, stirred and left alone. Nutty, musky and saline aromas on the sherry spectrum with a palate that's like biting into bruised citrus fruits. Tangy as hell with screeching acid and agreeably crunchy texture. Serve well chilled and preferably with a dozen oysters.

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