Grab 'n' Go - Juicy Red Juice

Grab 'n' Go - Juicy Red Juice

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A selection of our favourite light reds! Give 'em a chill, chuck 'em in a tumbler, drink 'em in the sun! What are you waiting for? Experience the freshness!

Fin Wines Slurpy Boi 2020

Be still my beating heart - this is a slamming light red for your fridge. A tasty combo of Yarra Valley cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon blanc, bringing bright juicy red fruits with cleansing acidity.

Giovanni Armani Giorgio Rosso Del Giorno 2020

This wine drinks like a soft caress from a long lost lover. Made in an old church near Adelaide this is an Italian inspired blend of sangiovese, nero d'avola and pinot nero coming from the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills. Gorgeous and soft on the palate with a supple fruit sweetness, this wine is vibrant and perfect to eat with pepperoni pizza.

aller trop loin Saturdays 2020

The wine is named after one of the happiest songs ever written, A Roller Skating Jam Named “Saturdays” by 90’s hip hop masters, De La Soul. And this wine will make everybody who drinks it happy too, hence it was given this name! The wine is combination of Bendigo Mourvedre and Yarra Valley Merlot and it’s an absolute juice bomb. The YV Merlot was very different than usual this year – high acid, fine tannins and full of wild forrest fruits. When combined with the soft, juicy Mourvedre, they both balanced and complimented each other in our usual style. It’s all Mourvdere at the front and Merlot at the back end. Best served chilled but can be consumed at room temperature too. - aller trop loin

Brian Lasagna 2020

A very bright, crisp, light, fresh red, built for chilling, great for skolling, going wild, going long. It's made up of 3 parts syrah, 2 parts pinot noir (and some Gamay skins) and rolls in at a mere 11.8%. Of course, it is named for how well it goes with lasagne, but is spelled, like all Brian things, wrong, as Lasagna.

Chateau Acid Rosso 2020

Scents of sour cherry, a bit of new leather and dusty spice. Sour-spectrum red, dark in colour but only a few pay grades up from rose, really. Very tart, floral too, sour cherry, some almost cassis-like in here, mushroomy too. It's exotic, it's very compelling, it's refreshing as can be. On the edge, done very well. 

Here we have whole shiraz berries and bunches  floating in shiraz juice for the ferment, so sorta carbonic, sorta something else. Interesting. From Rosnay vineyard in Canowindra, NSW. Organic to the core. No additives here. 

Commune of Buttons Commie Juice 2020

Made exclusively for us by the legendary siblings that are Sophie and Jasper Buttons in the Adelaide Hills. It's a pinot noir/pinot gris blend. Cherry-pomegranate business. Punchy, crunchy. Bell-ring brightness. Easy. Delicious. Don't think. Just drink.


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