Kameman Shuzo Genmaishu

Kameman Shuzo Genmaishu

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2016 // 500ml // ABV 15%

Genmai-zake which directly translates to brown rice sake (this is super rare to find and apart from Kameman there is only one other brewery in Japan). In ancient times it was though that only brown rice which had sprouted could be used to make sake, here we have sake made from gran which has had the husk left on and crushed expose the inner part of the grain to allow fermentation. Genmai-zake needs twice as much rice than would usually be required to make the same quantity of sake made from polished rice. The sake is then aged for some time before Kameman considers it ready to drink. A nice weighty sake here with a perfect balance between sweet/savoury/dry, notes of brown sugar, roasted cocoa, christmas cake spices and dried fruits.


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