Miyoshino Jozo Hanatomoe Mizumoto 2017

Miyoshino Jozo Hanatomoe Mizumoto 2017

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2020 // 720ml // ABV 17%

Established in 1912, Miyoshino Jozo produces a unique range of sake. The current Toji (Master Brewer) is Teruaki Hashimoto, whose sake-making philosophy is very unique, with a strong emphasis on yeast. He has a firm belief that the ‘air makes the sake’. As with many of his sake the Mizumoto utilises naturally occurring yeast, resulting in a sake with high acidity. The Mizumoto is made using a technique called Bodai-moto, which increases the acidity in the starter water.

Bodai-moto is a starter method created by combining raw polished rice, a small amount of cooked rice and water and incubated for anywhere from three - ten days. During this time lactic bacteria falls into the mixture and the liquid becomes sour water. After this time frame the raw rice is taken away and steamed before being returning to the sour water. Then an addition of koji rice is added. Then fermentation by natural yeast takes just two weeks. - Black Market Sake

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