Belgrove Distillery Big Smokin' Barrel Rye

Belgrove Distillery Big Smokin' Barrel Rye

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500ml // ABV 51%

The smokey flavours in whiskies are usually made by burning peat to dry the freshly malted (sprouted) grain. Sometimes different woods are burnt. There are many compounds in smoke, they get carried through the production steps. When these compounds are distilled only some of them boil off and are captured in the final product.

To produce this very smokey whisky I injected the smoke from the burning peat straight into an empty wet barrel. This way I have captured more of those genuine peat smoke compounds. It is a very different smoke profile from the normal peated whiskies. This is a bush fire in a bottle.

As with Belgrove Bogan Burnout, it can be fun adding a few drops at a time to your glass of un-peated whisky to do your own blending. - Pete Bignell

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