Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!! - Vin Jaune Double Tissot Trouble

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!! - Vin Jaune Double Tissot Trouble

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How often do you get to drink a whisky aged in a Vin Jaune barrel while drinking the Vin Jaune? Not often!!!! Step on in, this is a treat to good to give up.....

Tissot Vin Jaune W Couveur 2014 

Savagnin matured in whisky casks. Another amazing producer, Michel Couvreur, then produces whisky's aged in said Vin Jaune barrels.......mind blown! Both called "W" Both worth sipping!

Michel Couvreur Vin Jaune 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

For the uninitiated, Michel Couvreur is a revolutionary whisky operation based in Burgundy. The approach is a radical one: import new-make, unaged Scotch whisky and mature it in a variety of meticulously sourced casks, allowing both time and the distinct conditions in the caves and cellars to work their magic. 

In this instance, the casks were sourced from Domaine Stephane Tissot in the Jura, a feted producer of vin jaune - the rich, oxidative and highly sought-after style of white wine for which the region is known. This is a blend of different casks, all of which have lent a spectrum of intense and diverse flavours to this magical, mythical, heavenly elixir: roasted nuts, butterscotch, floral notes, toast, cooked apples, dried fruits, olive brine, sea water, oyster shells. The list goes on and on. Weird and wonderful. A whisky for wine nerds, collectors and curious palates alike. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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