Wildflower Brewing Pack

Wildflower Brewing Pack

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Wildflower Organic Table Beer #2

In some ways this is a no brainer, while in others it may be a bit of a surprise. Creamy grains, hoppy spice and a touch of tang, reminiscent of a spray of citrus zest. Full and hoppy palate. Mild acidity draws the palate out whilst adding pops of bright citrus. Firm clean bitterness, moreish and refreshing on the finish. . - Wildflower

Wildflower St Abigail 2020

St Abigail is an Australian Wild Ale refermented with white peaches. While the beer is named for Chris and his wife Emily's second daughter, Saint Abigail was a medieval healer and beekeeper from County Clare, Ireland. In 2020, this beer was made from golden mixed fermentation, barrel aged beer and 1,100kg of fresh, tree ripened white peaches hand picked fromThornbrook Orchard in Nashdale, NSW.

We had a hunch this beer would be special at bottling, however at release, its full colours have come out and made it one of our favourite beers to have been made here. Peach dominant aromas, sweet perfumed ripe white peaches and peach fuzz. Vanilla custard, vanilla slice, vanilla cake. Soft, engaging and delicious.The palate reflects the nose with peach flesh the hero. The gold base sings, lending wonderful acidity, vibrancy and freshness. A sherbety funky peach finish that persists a long long time.

A real standout marriage of fruit and beer. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. . - Wildflower

Wildflower St Phoebe 2020

Named for co-owner Chris and his wife's first daughter, St Phoebe is an Australian Wild Ale re-fermented refermented with plums. Saint Phoebe was a first century deaconess from modern day Greece. In 2020, this beer was made from golden mixed fermentation, barrel aged beer and 722kg of fresh, tree ripened Ebony Sun plums hand picked from Thornbrook Orchard in Nashdale, NSW. 

St Phoebe 2020 was made in a similar manner to St Abigail and St Thomas whereby we source and macerate whole, real fruit from Nashdale with barrel ripened Gold from our cellar. This year, the beer had a whole four months to hang out with these plums and soak up every last bit of their sweet plummy goodness before being blended and bottled in early July 2020. . - Wildflower 

Wildflower Good As Gold #10

A Refreshing blend of 50/50 barrel aged Gold with fresh Gold that has completed primary fermentation. 

Good as Gold Blend #7 has an expressive nose of spicy earthy hops, citrus blossom and zest, lifted perfume and subtle funk come to the fore as the nose opens up. Sweet citrus dominates the front palate, spicy hop notes combine with the citrus elements and creamy carbonation providing excellent flow and length. Hints of clean bitterness and funk give the palate a lovely dry finish. Tastes great, there is almost a eucalypt/minty element about the beer. Compact and intense. Summertime summertime! . - Wildflower

Wildflower Waratah 2019

Waratah is a collaboration between Ryefield Hops (Bemboka, NSW), Voyager Craft Malt (Riverina, NSW), Batch Brewing Co (Sydney, NSW) and us. Our release of the beer in 2017 marked the first commercial release of a beer made entirely of NSW ingredients. The 2019 release is the third edition of Waratah. 

At release, it has a familiar nose of marzipan and savoury oak to start. Candied orange citrus, toasted sourdough combine with hints of ripe lime/orange marmalade underneath. Structured palate, ripe stonefruit and pops of lime citrus. Vinous finish with decent length.

In many ways, Waratah epitomises our goals here at Wildflower. It is an agrarian beer, a product of the harvest conditions of each of the inputs. The recipe was built on what was grown here not on what we could order from international malthouses and hop fields.

It’s also a celebration of friendship, of the growth of an industry and the continuation of the good fight of buying, living and brewing local. Beer is a beverage made for social gatherings and to share with friends. It is not pretentious and coveted. We love beer's place in society and a beer like Waratah helps remind us that it is really just beer at the end of the day. - Wildflower

Wildflower Foggy Morning #3

Lovers (like us) of smokey whisky and smoky beer form an orderly line please! The thrid batch of Foggy Morning has arrived. 

Foggy Morning is an Australian Wild Ale made with 100% smoked malt from Voyager Craft Malt, Whitton NSW.

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