Grab 'n' Go - Matty's A Whole Lotta Rosè

Grab 'n' Go - Matty's A Whole Lotta Rosè

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Borachio Pash Rash 2021

Tight Bubble, fine mousse, YES! It’s like, they start off as a nice-enough kid, a little rough and tumble. Then, they get into punk, six shots of mezcal and a fist full of acid. Don’t like it? Your problem! Eventually they tone it down, with that disruptive heart still beating strong, energy at any cost. These days, they seem to have found some balance in life, maybe half a dozen oysters and a glass of something nice isn’t so bad. A little bitterness still lives back there. So, fuck the suits, AMIRITE!? - Mark and Alecia, Borachio

Continental Platter Rose 2020

From biodynamic vineyard source and mostly the grape variety of cabernet sauvignon, this is pinky-orange in the glass like a dazzling Western Australian sunset. Aww, nice. Crisp, red fruits, a dash of spice, some tangy freshness to it and a general sense of easy drinking. Some dusty tannins too, almost like you were there on a sandy beach in Margaret River, or something like that. This wine is an any time of day wine. It's a cracker. 

Dormilona Yokel Rose 2022

100% grenache here from Jo Perry (Dormilona) by way of Eugenio at Vino Italia. This wine ages in a concrete egg called Bacon (winemaker humour at it's finest, here). Delicious, with fragrant strawberry giving way to creamy, limey vibes. Zingy !

Plus, the Yokel project continues to contribute to the restoration of the natural habitat of the Western Swamp Tortoise, the breeding program at the Perth Zoo and the relocation of these adorable but endangered little buddies. A win / win.

Sud De Frank Rose 2021

Dan Graham (Sigurd) and Jared Dixon (Jilly) join forces in this fun times, good times label, with fruit from organic vines in Riverland and shiraz getting a lighten up from chardonnay and viognier. A textural feast, here! Sloshy, slurpy rose with fine, powdery tannins and a general sense of dryness, spice and exotica. It’s easy going, though, an ultra charming, deeper flavoured and distinct rose of charisma and high refreshment factor. Bonza. 

Hills and Back Rose 2021

A couple of roustabout Adelaide pals put their heads together for Hills & Back wines - this is their rose of sangiovese (an ideal variety for pink wines) that offers us up a dry, savoury, fuller flavoured but refreshing rose wine. It’s redolent of raspberry and cranberry but not sweet, you get a whiff of bay leaf and sage in there, some faint yeasty nuttiness. Flavours follow similarly. The dry finish and chewy-light chomp of tannins are the clincher. Delicious, albeit pretty square, but with massive ease of drinking and righteous at not cold too.

Somos Barbera Rosé 2021

The duo from Somos (an Aussie and a Mexican winemaker) are accelerating with the quality of their wines. We’re so in. They’re so good. Barbera here is used beautifully to maximise the varieties inherent natural acid crunch and tart, refreshing red berry medley for fruitiness and interest. This is wickedly good stuff to drink, so vibrant, so fresh feeling, so naturally pretty and lively and delicious. Its best assets are its youthful vibrancy and general sense of purity. Yoswers. Yes thanks.

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