Moon Mart Green Chilli & Anchovy

Moon Mart Green Chilli & Anchovy

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This green chilli & anchovy condiment is something from my part of Korea called Gyeongsang-do where I grew up.

It’s proper name is cheongyang dadaegi but here in Sydney we can just say green chilli and anchovy condiment haha!
We also call this bap dodduk which translated literally means rice thief, as soon as you open the jar all the rice disappears!

This super savoury condiment is made with green chilli, fish sauce, soy sauce & fried anchovy.

And to finish we add some sancho pepper and lemon zest for a little zing.

Like me, you can simply eat this with just a bowl of rice & some nori or you can add into stir fries, curries, it’s a great condiment for KBBQ, sometimes I even spread on my toast & eat it with a fried egg! - Moon Mart

And we couldn't agree more, a staple in the P&V food cupboard! 

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