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Pennyweight La Serena Oloroso

Apera Oloroso from Beechworth's very own Pennyweight winery. Spending an average of 6 years in the solera, this amber delight is sweetly centred with dried fruit flavours but finishes dry and long. Named after a winding road that takes you from Beechworth towards Chiltern and Rutherglen. The road passes along the dreamy La Serena creek. It’s the sweetest of the Pennyweight sherry range, for sure…BUT that’s not to say it is overly sweet. Grilled nuts, orange peel, maple syrup without the syrup, golden sultana, nicely acidic with a dry, tight, salty finish.

Like the memory of a lingering kiss.


Two Metre Tall Huon Farmhouse Dry Cider

When we discovered the Griggs family at Lucaston Orchards in the Huon Valley were still growing the famous old English cider variety, Sturmer Pippin, that was all the motivation we needed to produce a traditional, unfiltered, bottle fermented farm cider made using only apples and wild microorganisms.

Yes, our cider is very dry.  That doesn't mean you can't enjoy a sweet beverage more to your liking.  The Europeans have been adding their own sugar to dry cider for centuries.  Why not follow their tradition and add sugar to taste? - Two Metre Tall


2019 Brian 3Pinots

Joe Holyman, Peter Dredge and Mike Bennie have teamed up again and delivered (if we do say so ourselves)! Co-ferment of pinot noir, pinot meunier and pinot gris in relatively equal portions. Basket pressed off and left in old large barrels on lees, bottled with no filtering or fining and no additions whatsoever. Really cloudy light red that's plush, gluggable, fruity and fresh. Definitely drink cold, and definitely buy two - you won't want to stop!


Chikuma Nishiki Kizan Sanban

The heart of Nagano Prefecture is the perfect place for brewing fantastic sake. Pure water, mountain air and ideal rice. Begun in 1681 Chikuma Nishiki has over 300 years of experience!

Kizan Sanban fermentation is arrested early to retain higher sugar content and offers a rounder, smoother slightly off-dry palate. This approachable style is perfect for drinking with or without food and pairs just as well with sweet or savoury dishes.


Wildflower St Henry 2020

St Henry is an Australian Wild Ale refermented with apricots named for Chris and his wife Emily's second son. In 2020, this beer was made from golden mixed fermentation, barrel aged beer and 380kg of fresh, partially tree ripened, whole Trevatt apricots hand picked from Thornbrook Orchard in Nashdale, NSW. The beer has a mouthwateringly intense nose of fresh and candied apricots, there’s soft white blossoms, marshmallow and creamy vanilla notes too. The palate though... so complex... whilst it does dominant, the sheer intensity of these apricots result in so many more flavours. Spice, stone fruit, musk, Turkish delight, vanilla. Familiar Wildflower citrus and funk bring the long palate to a close. Super engaging, so delicious and impossible to stop drinking. - Topher Boehm, brewer.


NON #2 Caramelised Pear + Kombu

Lightly fizzy, similar to that of cider or fruity beer. Australian Packham pears are treated with different methods to create a complex profile that creates a big rounded pear taste. Kombu from Hokkaido, Japan allows for a minerality profile that elevates the salinity and rich, torched fruit notes. We add black tea, aromatics and spices which produces a complexity and structure. – NON

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