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There are so many reasons to admire Elisabetta Foradori. The fact that she took over her family's vineyards at the tender age of 19 after her father passed away suddenly and her steadfast commitment to biodynamic farming practices are but a few. She's perhaps best known for resurrecting the native red grape teroldego and cemented herself as one of the world's most singular female winemakers. While she is very much the 'face' of the wines, her children Emilio, Theo and Myrtha are very much involved and influencing the next phase of the winery's evolution.

All of Foradori's wines - from the soulful, brilliant reds to whites of freshness, detail and complexity - have an inherent cool lift, born from altitude and gentle handling in winery. Now to the wines. There aren't many going round, so be quick about it.

Fontanasanta Nosiola 2019 – 100% nosiola. Another indigenous variety Foradori brought back from the brink. This is a seriously awesome white'ish wine, crystalline in texture, intense yet refreshing and ultimately, insanely delicious. Pull out the picnic rug, cucumber sandwiches and settle down in some dappled sunshine for the afternoon.

Fuoripista Pinot Grigio 2019 – literally off-piste. Pinot grigio takes a wonderful detour courtesy of a collaboration with Marco Devigili, another biodynamic winemaker from Campo Rotalian. They take this widespread (read normy) grape variety turn it upside-down, flip it and reverse it by letting it sit on skins in for eight months. It's bold and flirty with thirst quenching juiciness. Two roads converge in a wood, take this one.

Lezér – made from teroldego, is a delicious, crisp, crunchy complex fun-time red'ish wine. It’s the brainchild of adversity (created off the back of a hail damaged harvert) and experimentation (the first project of Emilio and Theo). Best enjoyed skulled straight from a magnum down at Ben Buckler on a sunny day.

Morei 2019 – soulful teroldego, dark by name and nature. We'd say it's romantic if we said those kind of things. It's all texture with a 'whoa there' cherry zing of acidity to kick things along. Precise yet so, so approachable...

Morei Cilindrica 2018 – like the normal Morei but left to age in a smaller, cilidrical amphora for an extra year and makes this an even silkier, more balanced and refined version. Hard to imagine it could get any better, but it does...

Sgarzon 2019 – think of this one as the rocker, broody cousin of Morei - moist soil, crushed tobacco and wild berries. It's grippy but lush. Seriously good drinking here.

Sgarzon Cilindrica 2018 – much the same as approach as the Morei Cilindrica with similar results - extra time yields a more mature version of an already out-of-this-world good wine.

Granato 2018 – the O.G. The one that put Foradori on the map. From the oldest parcels, this is the only riserva produced on the estate. Ultra fine tannins, wild strawbs, fennel and amaro-like things make this quite a thing to drink. Foradori fans, this is one to grab and hold on to. Seriously, if you can cellar, this one for four or five years and you absolutely will not be disappointed.

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