So much love for Yugen wines. We do most of our chat with the wonderful Brodie Comer of Yugen, but it's a collective effort for this wine producer, with team Yugen on shared duties of grape sourcin', pickin', winemakin', bottlin', shippin' and slingin'. We love the way Yugen look to healthy and happy vineyard sources across a collection of Vic wine regions. We love the way they end up creating a collection of bright, vibrant, thirst-quenching, and, importantly, really interesting and good wines. Latest releases have been scintillating for originality and vibrancy; a true rainbow of vinous pleasure. 

It's hard not to like a wine called Phosphorescence even before you've tasted the thing in the bottle. This is a rose pet nat made from dolcetto grapes, so alive, so brisk and electric, so delicious to drink that it makes our heads spin. Pure, summery refreshment. Similarly energetic and frisky is Lunar Pool Party Pet Nat (these wine names just get us!), a naturally sparkling wine made from skin fermented moscato giallo grapes. It's a more wild style pet nat with tropical fruit juice blasted all over fresh cut flowers and a big squeeze of citrus. Oh my, very fun. 

Alongside these fizzy wines there's the more mellow, fruity and juicy feeling number named Tropical Sunrise - a skin fermented sauvignon blanc from Yugen's Sunbury vines. It's orange wine in a lighter shade, with all the nice chewy pucker but loads of zippy acidity to keep things mouth-watering and lively. Floating On Clouds is chardonnay by name, but is one of the most frisky, crisp and crunchy versions of that variety we've seen. Best drunk in full heat of day from the coldest fridge you can find.

A beloved suite of wines over the past few years, Yugen is one of those kinda essential selections for rolling out the good times, delivering a very good hit of avant garde Aussie natural wine and generally being something that feels easy access but way interesting. Thank you, team Yugen. 
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