Damaged Goods Distilling Co. Final Squeeze Citrus Gin

Damaged Goods Distilling Co. Final Squeeze Citrus Gin

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500ml // ABV 42%

We rescued leftover citrus husks from a pressed juice company and gave them an epic new life in this delightfully zesty gin.

Aroma: Bursting with fresh lemon & lime along with subtle hints of fresh mint, chopped rosemary and pine needles.

Taste: Citrus tingles on the tongue like sherbet, beautifully balanced by a mix of floral and herbaceous notes featuring bay leaf and wax flower.

Finish: Juniper meets gentle peppery spice on a long warming finish.

The stars of the show are rescued from our friends at Citrus WA, a company that produces and supplies fresh pressed citrus juices for Perth bars and restaurants. Each morning, they juice lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits by hand, winding up with around 1 tonne of citrus husks each week that are destined for the bin. Well, until now. We scoot on over and collect the discarded husks within 24 hours of juicing, then distil them immediately to lock in the fresh flavours. Citrus, you versatile thing: fresh juice in the morning, gin tipple at night. Sorted.

Along with the citrus husk magic, we use a range of high quality botanicals and a neutral grape-based spirit (made from high quality left-over grape skins in the Barossa Valley - it’s premium stuff!) to create this gin. Some botanicals are macerated in the boiler with the spirit prior to distillation, but most are suspended within the still to allow only the vapours to pass through them as the spirit is distilled. This vapour infusion captures only the brightest and freshest notes, leaving behind more of the earthy and bitter tones. The spirit is then slowly diluted with pure reverse osmosis filtered water and left to rest for 2-3 weeks to allow the flavours to meld and mellow, before bottling and labelling by hand.

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