Flor Del Desierto Sotol Veneno

Flor Del Desierto Sotol Veneno

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750ml // ABV 48.1%

Sotol, also known as Desert Spoon, is similar to Tequila however it is only made from wild harvested agave plants found in the region of Chihuahua and is known for it's sweet and smokey flavour. The whil harvested Dasylirion Leiophyllum is picked from 4002 Ft, the after distillation cured rattlesnake poison is added to the sotol before being aged for 3 months in ex-bourbon barrels.... yes yes you read right.... cured rattlesnake poison. Soft and light on the nose there are sweet notes of dates, nuts and slight dampness of soil. Light amber in colour the liquid is oily, smoke with minerality and dried chilli pepper.

Enjoy the spiritual and healing properties of the cured and non-poisonous rattlesnake venom that the indigenous inhabitants of the northern regions of Mexico have been using for centuries.

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