Gruppetto Spritz Camomilla Non Alcoholic 4pk

Gruppetto Spritz Camomilla Non Alcoholic 4pk

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250ml // ABV 0%

Gruppetto Spritz Camomilla takes it’s inspiration from the Champagne cocktails of the 2019s, using fragrant chamomile and grapefruit citrus to make highly pleasing aromatic and effervescent sprits. Perfectly balanced, this drink has a great amount of length and is not only highly enjoyable, but extremely intriguing.

We all know we should be drinking less. but the drinking ritual is much more than just the buzz. it’s the occasion, the company and the flavour.

Nobody knows this better than Matt Bax having spent the last two decades creating some of the world’s most innovative bars and cocktails. matt has flirted unsuccessfully with abstinence for years. matt is not an “any port in the storm” type chap and the conviviality and taste of hooch always won out. he found the flavour and funness of the existing nolo brands seriously lacking. willpower alone wasn’t enough, especially in a bar culture like Melbourne and to chart a healthier course matt knew he had to create something so delicious that didn’t feel like he was missing out. it needed to have some swagger. something iconic that he would happily sip in public. a deliberate choice, not a compromise. this is why he created Gruppetto for himself (and now you). - Gruppetto Kiosk

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